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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can change this option anytime in your training simulation.

No. Once you select your skin tone, you cannot change it further.

First of all, have your unique pairing code opened on any display or printed out. Then, open the training simulation in your virtual reality headset and select “Pair Lifeliqe account” or “Change account”. You will be switched to a “pass-through” mode, which can let you see your environment.

Once you sign into your Lifeliqe account, access your profile settings, which can be found in your left upper corner, and enter the license key.

Sometimes, the tracking cameras on the headset make an error when detecting the floor level. To set a correct floor level, return to the launcher menu and select "Guardian setup." Setting the floor level is part of the manual guardian setup process.

If you need to get someone's attention while they're in VR, speak to them. If the user does not respond to your voice, gently tap them on the arm or shoulder. Do not physically grab or restrain a user while they're using a VR. Be aware that many VR users may be easily startled by real noise or contact while they're wearing a headset.