Enable students in your CTE program to gain the skills they need to get a career in high-demand healthcare and STEM-based professions. Offer your students the way they want to learn today – through immersive training in virtual reality.

Due to the shortage of workers with training in high-demand careers, the number of CTE programs in the U.S. is growing rapidly

This is a powerful way to level up your curriculum while helping your students launch into their first profession.

Adoption of our virtual reality immersive training will enable you to:

  • help your students choose the right career path through career navigation content
  • improve learning outcomes and make learning more efficient
  • integrate hands-on work situations into your CTE’s curriculum without a need to leave a classroom
  • attract more students into your CTE programs
  • become a reliable supplier of high-skilled workers and attract new business opportunities

Courses for in-demand jobs in healthcare, advanced manufacturing
and more

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