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We’re making it exciting to learn science

We’re making it exciting
to learn science

Explore the first science curricula for K-12
enhanced with standard-aligned 3D, AR and VR.
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Transform science learning

with NGSS curricula in 3D

Our digital science curriculum includes thousands of models and lesson plans with 3D, AR and VR

It’s aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards and correlated to U.S.’ major science textbooks.
  • 1000+ lesson plans for STEM
  • 1,500+ 3D and Augmented Reality models
  • aligned to NGSS and Common Core
  • extended with Augmented Reality
Explore what’s inside the science curricula Explore what’s inside

Engage students

and spark passion for STEM

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interactive 3D model

Visual, hands-on, and exciting experiences spark lightbulb moments in students, inspire their curiosity and create passion for learning.

Mastering difficult STEM concepts has never been easier!

Help students to master science through visual, hands-on, and deep learning 3D experiences.

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Boost test scores

and make lessons more effective

Studies show that using interactive 3D is more effective 
than traditional teaching resources.

Find how Lifeliqe impacts schools

Proven by schools,
inspired by educators,
loved by students.

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