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About Lifeliqe

Lifeliqe is a career mobility platform. We make workforce training more effective and exciting with virtual immersive simulations using the power of Virtual Reality.

Lifeliqe was founded in 2015 to transform what the education and training content looks like. With headquarters in San Francisco and development in the Czech Republic, the company has built a line of educational apps embracing technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality and continues setting a new global standard for workforce development upskilling and reskilling.

Lifeliqe is a sister company of Corinth, a publisher providing K-12 science 3D content to schools and partners such as publishers, hardware OEMs and digital platforms.

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Lifeliqe in media

“VR Simulation Seeks to Help Solve Critical Dialysis Staffing Shortages“
- iCrowdNewsWire

“GOED to present project SANDI programs at National Conference in Las Vegas. Presentations will feature Virtual Reality’s role in workforce development“

“Career navigation and workforce training in virtual reality: libraries leading the way digitally 3D“
Libraries 2.0

Nevada Librarians Catalog Virtual Reality Content for Worldwide Access"
- CarsonCityLibrary.org

“Is Dialysis Ready for Virtual Reality?“
- Kidney Trails

“Science Teachers Report Benefits Of A VR Curriculum”
- Charles Singletary, UPLOAD VR

“Best EdTech of 2016”
- Tanner Higgin, Danny Wagner, Common Sense Education

“Exploring impact of virtual reality on K-12 STEM students”
“Lifeliqe debuts VR-enabled educational content to keep kids interested in learning”
“HTC selects Lifeliqe as educational VR content partner”
“Lifeliqe Named An Official Education Partner For The HTC Vive”
- Joe Durbin, UPLOAD VR