Developer Academy

We are excited to welcome you to our new Developer Academy, part of the Digital Factory (DIFA) initiative.
Our academy is focused on educating junior developers and preparing them for successful careers in technology.

We are currently working on the detailed curriculum and content of the training programs. We will post more information here soon about what to expect from our Developer Academy. We want our programs to be relevant, and inspiring and provide you with practical skills to help you achieve your career goals.

Thank you for your interest in the Developer Academy. Stay tuned to our website for further updates and details!

Training Courses

We're excited to share that all open positions in our Developer Academy have been filled.
Stay tuned to our careers page and social media for updates on future recruitment rounds.

Thank you for your interest!

Cooperation Lifeliqe & DIFA

We are excited to announce the collaboration between Lifeliqe and Digital Factory (DIFA), both part of the Creditas Group. These partnerships were formed to strengthen our efforts in training junior developers and developing innovative projects.

Creditas Digital Factory is a new project of Creditas Bank, whose aim is to transform all current IT systems into Cloud solutions. 

Lifeliqe, a leading digital education platform, will work closely with DIFA on the education program for junior developers. These talented individuals will have the opportunity to gain not only practical skills, but also experience working on exciting projects for DIFA and Creditas Bank.

This collaboration is not just about providing knowledge, but about building an innovative environment that fosters growth and development. We believe that by joining forces with Lifeliqe, DIFA and Creditas, we will create an environment where talent can flourish and bring value not only to our companies, but also to our customers and the community as a whole.

We look forward to a successful collaboration and what we will achieve together in the future.

About Trainee Program

The Trainee Program at Lifeliqe is an initiative to help recruit and train IT professionals. It is aimed at students or graduates of universities in Brno. This program allows partners to complement the skillset in the team, cheapen development or provide an environment where we take care of the acquisition and complete development of talent. 

Since joining the company, the trainee has been working on the partner's projects. However, Lifeliqe provides all support in the form of solution consulting, code review, HR management, and more. This way, the trainee no longer consumes the capacity of your senior team members.

The course of the program:
  • The whole program lasts 12 months. During it, the trainee works from the Lifeliqe office in the center of Brno. In the office, he has a workplace, cafeteria, and all services. We help with ICT requirements as well as provide HR services. 
  • Each position has a development plan that we will use to develop the new employee. The development includes internal training in the first phase, primarily focused on hard skills. In addition to the internal training, the trainee also has access to their mentor, learning materials (Udems), and more. 
  • Upon completion of the program, the trainee is fully transferred to the partner.